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List of RMAs (Store view)

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When the customer logs into his or her account, and clicks on the new RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) tab, they will see a list of all their RMA requests made to date, along with their creation date and current status.

The customer can easily view the details of the RMA by clicking on View in the right most column or create a new one.

When the customer views an existing RMA, all of the information will be displayed. At the bottom is the comments section where the customer can see any comments from the store administrator regarding their RMA request.

Creating New RMA request

1) When creating a new RMA, customers must select the Order Number from which the product belonged.

Customers can also:

2) Define the quantity of products that are being returned from that specific order
3) Select whether or not the package was opened
4) Select the request type
5) Add any additional information
6) Select the reason for the RMA

For more information on Type and Reason settings, please read the RMA - Settings article. When the customer saves the request, it will be automatically sent to the store admin.When the customer submits the RMA request they will also receive a notification email informing them that their RMA request was successfully sent.

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