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The eCommerce edition of the CM Tooltip Glossary plugin supports a double click option for every word found in the content of  your site.

Enabling the DoubleClick API call setting means that every time a word or phrase is double-clicked anywhere on the page (even without being defined as a Glossary term), a temporary tooltip will be displayed, containing the result of one of the services available in this option: Wikipedia, Amazon, Merriam Webster dictionary\ Thesaurus or Google Translate.

This term will not be saved or added to the Glossary index.

To define the double click action please visit the API tab and check the checkbox to support it. You also need to define the servicer which should be hooked once the tooltip is shown.

CM Plugins Tooltip Doubleclicks

Sometimes a site needs input from the community it serves.

With the Glossary Community Terms add-on users can help to build your glossary as you watch your key content grow.

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