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Using the Merriam Webster Dictionary API

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The Tooltip Glossary Pro+, eCommerce and Ultimate editions can integrate Merriam Webster Dictionary or Thesaurus.

Each of them requires  their own API keys.

Obtaining the API Keys

To obtain the Merriam Webster Dictionary API keys, 

  1. Register an account on dictionaryapi.com. Be sure to select the relevant API Keys in the "Request API Key" fields, as shown:

  2. Validate your e-mail and log in to your account.
  3. Copy your API Keys.
  • For more information about the Dictionary API, access this page
  • For more information about the Thesaurus API, access this page.
  • Read their FAQ if you have any questions about the API. 
(Please notice that MW may charge money for getting an API key depending on the usage of your website. Also we are only supporting the plain English dictionary from the list of available dictionaries available in MW site).

Setting up the integration

Head to the CM Tooltip → Settings → API tab. There, you will find the two relevant API Key fields. Copy the keys to the services you are interested in integrating.

The other options on this page help you configuring the integrations. 

  • Dictionary
    • Enable Dictionary - This will show content coming from the MW Dictionary.
    • Show Dictionary data in tooltip - This will show the dictionary result also in the tooltip itself.
    • Show Dictionary data in the glossary term display - This will show the Dictionary result also in the term page itself.
    • Only show Dictionary data when content is empty - This will show the the dictionary content only when no other content was added to the term page.
  • Thesaurus
    • Enable Thesaurus -  This will show content coming from the MW Thesaurus.
    • Show Thesaurus data in tooltip - This will show the Thesaurus result also in the tooltip itself.
    • Show Thesaurus data in the glossary term display - This will show the Thesaurus result also in the term page itself.

Settings for each page

Each of your term page editors contains a metabox with tooltip override settings that only apply on the specified term. 

Check the boxes to disable MW API's, as shown in the image below:

Example showing MW Content

Below is an example of what it looks like when it is included inside a term page. The Dictionary and Thesaurus sections are highlighted: 

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