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Adding Content from Wikipedia to the Glossary

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This feature is only available in the Ecommerce edition of the WordPress Glossary plugin.

Frontend Example

Example of the Wikipedia definition - WordPress as a Wiki
Example of the Wikipedia definition

How plugin displays content generated by the Wikipedia API?

The content taken Wikipedia is generated automatically and can also include images, tables and all other content that was originally included in the Wikipedia term definition.


Due to the huge amounts of content in most of the Wikipedia pages, we only display the first section of the content, which usually includes the most general data. 

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Enabling Wikipedia in the Plugin Settings

In the plugin settings under the API tab, you can find the section which deals with Wikipedia.

API settings tab - Tooltip Plugin WordPress
API settings tab
  • Enabled - Show Wikipedia content to be included in the term and tooltip
  • Only show Wikipedia when content is empty - Only triggers the content when the term has no content.
  • Show Wikipedia data in Tooltip - Displays Wikipedia data inside the tooltip.
  • Show Wikipedia data in Glossary term display - Display Wikipedia data on the term page.
  • Link title to the Wikipedia page of the term - Links the term to the relevant Wikipedia.org page.
  • Link glossary term to the Wikipedia page - If this option is enabled, the glossary term will link the Wikipedia page of the term.
  • Show Wikipedia tables - Enable to display them.
  • Wikipedia terms language - Select which Wikipedia content to retrieve based on the language defined.
  • Cache/Perfomance
    • Flush the Cache - Cleans the database from 3rd party definitions. 
    • Cache the WIkipedia API result in the database - If you experience problems with Wikipedia content, try unchecking this option, then flush the cache and retry.
Wikipedia integration settings - Wiki WordPress Plugin
Wikipedia integration settings

Disabling Wikipedia content in specific terms

You can override the plugin general settings for showing the Wikipedia content on specific terms by checking the meta boxes on the term page.

Disable Wikipedia API for this term - will completely remove any Wikipedia content from the tooltip and the term page:

Disabling Wikipedia content in specific terms - Wiki Plugin for WordPress
Disabling Wikipedia content in specific terms

Pointing to specific Wiki Term

Since some of the Wikipedia terms have a duplicate meaning you can manually point the glossary to retrieve a specific term from Wikipedia by including the Wikipedia page URL as shown in this image.

Pointing to specific Wiki term - Wiki for WordPress
Pointing to specific Wiki term

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