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Add-On Settings

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Learn how to  access the add-on settings and what they can do.

Accessing the Settings

Go to the Admin Panel and then choose PeepSo.

Click on the config tab.

Available Settings

By choosing  CM Tooltip Glossary, you will find the following options:

General Settings

These options alter what is displayed in your PeepSo interface.

  • Show the tab displaying the User Dashboard? - The User dashboard lists the user's terms, creation and update time.

    This function requires Tooltip Glossary Community Terms to work. If it's not installed, the tab will only display a shortcode.

  • Show the tab displaying the User Terms Index? - Results in the full Term Index. Read more about it in the specific guide.

  • Parse the PeepSo Posts to show tooltips? This will enable showing tooltips in PeepSo Posts.



These refer to the text displayed in certain fields. Changing it can be useful for translating the labels or to adjusting them to another tone, for instance.
It's possible to change the two labels from the tabs mentioned in the settings:
  • Label for Terms Dashboard tab in user profile and widgets (default is Terms Dashboard)
  • Label for the Terms User Index tab in user profile and widgets (default is Terms User Index)

More information about the CM Tooltip Glossary PeepSo AddOn

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