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Using the Glosbe Dictionary Dictionary API

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The Tooltip Glossary eCommerce edition can integrate Glosbe Dictionary  https://glosbe.com/. You don't need an API key to work with the dictionary but only to set it up in the glossary plugin settings.

This is a free dictionary and does not require payment for generating an API key which sometimes required with the MW dictionary.

Glosbe Plugin Settings

Sometimes a site needs input from the community it serves.

With the Glossary Community Terms add-on users can help to build your glossary as you watch your key content grow.

Enable dictionary - This will show content coming from the Glosbe dictionary. 

Show dictionary data in tooltip - This will show the dictionary result also in the tooltip itself.

Show Dictionary data in the glossary term display - This will show the dictionary result also in the term page  itself.

Only show dictionary data when content is empty - This will show the the dictionary content only when no other content was added to the term page.

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