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When the module is installed, you will find additional field under Catalog configuration.

At the Admin Panel, please go to  Stores → Configuration → Catalog → Product Questions.


  • Module enabled: determines if the module is enabled or  not. I f it's set to "Yes" customers will see a Q&A form on each Product Page.
  • Max questions per product: defines the numbers of displayed Q&A on Product Page (set 0 for  unlimited).

Email notifications

Notifications can be set according to your preferences:

  • Notify customer when question was sent
  • Notify customer when answer was placed

You can decide which emails will be sent, and also change the titles and content of emails since the Product Questions extension allows the admin to configure each email notification as desired. 

Shortcodes allow the admin to easily use main information about the question, like Product Link (where the Question was placed), Customer Name (who asked a Question), Product Name, or Question Body.

Finally, remember to  Save the Configuration!

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