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Once Installation is complete and the Extension is enabled, it's time to look at the  Configuration for the Extension.
Log in as Admin and go to Stores → Configuration → CMINDS. Here the True Edit Order menu will appear. By default all of the Order Edit options are set as Yes. To disable any of them click on the arrow to the right of the option and set it to No

General Options

Enable - enables or disables the extension functionality.

Order Edit Options

The order edit options allow the admin to modify different orders and set permissions either specific order settings can be edited or not.

  • Allow modifying orders with following statuses - allows selecting orders with statuses to be modified in the multiple list box.
  • Allow Editing Order Items - enables the option for the Admin to directly edit order items within existing orders. Also allows items to be removed from an order or for items to be added to an existing order.
  • Create Order Note After Editing Order Items - when set to Yes, this option will cause the extension to automatically generate an order note after an order has been edited.
  • Allow Editing Order Shipping Method - setting this option to Yes gives the site admin the ability change the shipping method of an existing order.
  • Allows Editing Order Payment Method - enables or disables ability to order payment method. if Yes is selected, the admin can change the payment method of an existing order.
  • Create Order Note After Editing Order Shipping Method - when checked, generates an order note automatically for changes to the Shipping Method.
  • Allow Editing Order Notes - when set to Yes allows the admin to alter order edit notes that have been generated automatically or made manually.
  • Allow Removing Order Notes - when set to Yes allows the site admin to delete automatically or manually generated order notes.
  • Allow Editing Order Status - enables or disables ability to edit order status. If this setting is enabled the extension shows one more setting that allows creating an order note after editing order status.

  • Allow Editing Order Coupon - enables or disables ability to edit order coupon. If the Yes option is chosen, the admin can make changes in order coupon.
  • Send Refund Message - enables or disables an ability to send a refund message.
  • Refund Message Template - allows selecting a refund message template in the dropdown. The Order Edit Refund Email Template template is set by default. 

Order Delete Options

Allow Deleting Orders - allows removing any order with associated data ( invoices, shipments, credit memos ). The setting does not depend on the statuses selected in the Allow modifying orders with following statuses field.

Finally, remember to  Save the Configuration!

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