True Edit Orders M2 - General Usage - Changing Number, Shipment Method, Items

General Usage

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The CM True Edit Orders extension allows you to easily edit orders without having to delete them. 

What it Can And it Cannot Do

Supported Actions

Unsupported Actions

Note: it's not possible to:

  • Change the payment method post purchase.
  • Reauthorize credit cards.
  • Apply refunds.

Using the Extension

To edit an order, navigate to Sales → Orders, then select the order that you want to edit by clicking View on the right-hand side of the row.

In Order View, under information you will find the Edit links for each section, as shown in the screenshots below. Clicking one of these links will take you to the edit page.

Changing Order Number

To alter the order number, head to the Information tab and click Edit above the main info panel.

In there you are able to change the order number (ID) and its status.

Changing Shipping Method of an Order

To alter the shipping method of an existing order, click on the Edit link to the right of Shipping & Handling Information.

Clicking the Edit link will open up the Shipping & handling information edit page.

From the Shipping Method Drop down menu select the method of shipping that you would like to change to for the chosen order. Then click Save Shipping Method.

Changing Order Totals

You can change different values from the Order Totals section. 

These are editable from the screen: Grand Total, Total Paid, Total Due, Discount, Shipping and Handling, Tax, and Total Refunded.

Change Coupon Code

By clicking Edit near Discount, you can also add or change the coupon code applied to the order.

Note that the code has to valid.

Adding and Editing Items to an Order

In the Items Ordered section you can have the options Add Items and Edit Items. Performing either action (adding or editing items) will automatically generate a comment in the order notes and update the order total.

Adding Items

Selecting Add Items will bring up a selection menu with all the items currently added to your store.

At the top of this menu are various fields for the Admin to use to filter the products to find what they need.

Displayed Are the ID, Product name, SKUandPrice.

To the right of the price is a checkbox. To add an item to an order, check this checkbox and enter the quantity that you'd like to add.

When you've selected the products and quantities, click the Add Selected Product(s) to Order button on the top right-hand side of the products menu.

Editing Items

Clicking the Edit Items button allows you to edit the following fields, as marked: 

  • Quantity ordered.
  • Price.
  • Name (starting from version 1.0.12)
  • Set or edit a custom description (starting from version 1.0.12). 
  • Configure any custom option of the item (Starting from version 1.0.12).

Note: Don't forget to click on the Save Items button before leaving the page to commit the changes.

Removing Items from an Order

Removing an item from an order is a lot more straightforward. Simply click on Remove to the far right of the Item under Items Ordered.

A confirmation box will appear asking if you're sure you want to remove the item. Select Ok to confirm or else Cancel to cancel.

After a few moments, the page will refresh and a success message will display at the top of the Orders Page.

Reviewing Edited Items

You can check the history of items added or removed from your orders.

To do so, head to Sales → Order Items Changes History.

You will see a filterable table with information about each action (item added or deleted).

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