CM Answers Experts (CMA) - Posting Questions And Modifying The Question Form

Posting Questions to Experts

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To learn how to modify the question form, check the guide  CM Answers (CMA) - Theme - Question Submission Form

User View

Users can post questions to the public so all the forum users will be able to view them or directly select a specific category to which he wants to send this question.

If the user chooses a category, he/she can then choose to assign the question to an expert.

The Question Form

Note that, if a category contains more than one expert, all experts assigned to this category will be able to view this question in their questions folder. The first to accept it will be able to communicate with the user.

Question Form Settings

You can make modifications in Admin Panel → Questions and Answers → Settings → Experts Addon → Question Form.

  • Default question visibility - The default visibility when creating questions.
  • Allow to change the question visibility -  If this is disabled, the above setting (default question visibility) will always be applied.
  • Hide categories without experts - If enabled the categories without any expert assigned won't be display in the categories drop-box list.
  • Show experts info for each category - Which information to display about the experts. Choose between:
    •  none - no information will be shown.
    •  yes/no info - displays if the category has or doesn't have experts assigned to it.
    •  number of experts - displays how many experts are assigned to this category.
    •  experts names - display the names of the experts assigned to it.
  • Allow user to assign a question to specific expert - If enabled, after selected a category users will be able to select an expert the question will be assigned to.

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