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Theme - Creating Categories and Sub Categories

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CM Answers can apply a two level hierarchy with forum sub-categories using the WordPress category system, which can be displayed in the CM Answers Interface available in the Pro edition.

Creating the Forum Sub-Categories

Forum Categories in the CM Answers plugin interface can be made into forum sub-categories when attributed to a parent category. 

You can create a two-level hierarchy of categories on your forum, making it easier for users to navigate between different types of queries. This option is particularly useful if you have a large forum system with many different subjects and user groups.

Displaying the forum sub-categories filter

In order to enable your users to navigate between forum sub-categories, we have created the two level filter, which lets them specify where exactly on your forum system they wish to go. 

To enable this category filter mode, go to the Navigation section of the Appearance tab in the plugin settings.

Choose the option two level filter to display categories and sub-categories in the forum filtering widget.

If you choose to select the “two-level filter”, the drop down menu will allow users to filter questions by both the category and the sub-category mechanisms. This way, users can specify the field of questions they want displayed.

When users ask a question, they can assign it to one or more of the forum's categories and/or sub-categories!

Controlling the categories appearance 

On the plugin settings under the Appearance tab → Miscellaneous you can find setting to control the appearance of the categories in the question list.  

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