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Orders List (Supplier Side)

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In the Supplier Panel choose Orders from the Main Navigation menu.

The orders list contains basic information about the orders from that supplier, such as order iddate of order, billing and shipping info, subtotalnet income and order status.

It is possible to apply the filter on id, date and status parameters to find a certain list of orders, and if desired, export the results into a CSV file. 

The detailed view of an order contains the customer address and lists of ordered items, as well as shipment and invoice further information. To access the detailed view, click on View on the right of a chosen customer's row.

The supplier can also use the quick access button to ship the orders directly from the orders list, but they can only ship their own products.

For more information on shipment, please read  Multi Vendor Magento 2 - Managing Orders (Supplier Side) article.

Detailed Order View

Order Tab:

Details about the customer and orders are available here.

Shipments Tab:

The supplier can choose to create a new shipment or view the details about shipments already created. They can also choose to print out the invoice to create a PDF copy or have a physical printout.

Invoices Tab:

The Supplier can choose to create new invoices or make changes to invoices already created. They can also choose to print out the invoice to create a PDF copy or have a physical printout.

Sample Invoice Header

Note that it includes the logo and company name.

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