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Managing Supplier Profile as Supplier

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If a new Supplier account has just been created the supplier will need to create their Profile Page. Supplier Profiles and Supplier accounts are distinct in Marketplace Multivendor M2.

It's possible for Suppliers to manage their own profile pages. In the Supplier panel navigate to  Settings → My Profile Page.

Here Suppliers can add and update information for their profile. Add a name, description and Logo. If a logo has already been added it will appear above the form.

The site admin will be notified about new profile changes waiting to be approved.

Approving Suppliers changes to Profile (Admin Side)

When a supplier makes changes to their Profile on the Supplier Panel, the admin will be notified via email of such changes. The admin will need to approve changes made before the Profile is activated or updated.

To approve a Profile page which has been newly created or else recently updated, navigate to SUPPLIERS Manage Suppliers {select a supplier} Account Information Is supplier approved Yes/No.

The column Profile waiting for approval provides a quick view on the approval status for each supplier.

Clicking Edit (last column), admins have quick access to supplier profile data. 

Information about the status of the profile will be shown and admin can choose to approve it by clicking the Approve button or in the case of an approved profile, disapprove it by clicking the Disapprove button.

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