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Supplier Product List

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On the navigation bar of the Supplier Dashboard there will be the Product List link.

On this screen, suppliers can see the list of all their products, their current actual status and quantity available.

New products added to the catalog need to be approved by the admin, so products that present ' Pending' status are still waiting to be approved by the store admin (except when admin set 'Allow Auto Approval of Products' to "Yes" at Configuration).

Suppliers can preview their products in order to see how they will be displayed on the store. After clicking on ' Preview' the product page will be shown in a new window.


Only the supplier can enter the product page, the rest of the viewers will see a 404 page when they enter the URL.

The supplier can choose to activate or deactivate their approved products and the status of any product can be easily changed by using the ' More Actions' button.

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