Custom Order Status - The Extended Order Status Report

The Extended Order Status Report

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Besides the possibility of filtering and sorting orders using the new and improved Order Grid, Creative Minds team also provided a simple, easy-to-use report which helps you determine which orders are presently in what combination of statuses. Navigate to this report by going to Reports → Orders by Status.

In this report, you can specify how you want orders to be broken down (daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly), as well as the time period.

Here, you can select unique combinations of payment and shipping statuses. You can also hold the Ctrl (Command on Mac) button to select multiple statuses within the same box. If you do not make at least one selection within each of the boxes, it will show orders with all statuses for that category (Payment or Shipping).
Remember that older orders which pre-date the installation of our module will NOT show up in this report! You can change this by re-assigning shipping statuses either in your database or manually.

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