Custom Order Status - Configuration

Initial Settings

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The main configuration screen can be found under System → Configuration → Extended Order Status.

Module Status Heading
Module is Active • Yes
• No
Choose whether or not the module will be active.
Disabling this will remove all functionality and restore your installation to normal.
Order Grid Heading
Payment Status • Yes
• No
Choose whether or not you want to see "Payment Status" as
a column in the order grid.
Shipping Status • Yes
• No
Choose whether or not you want to see "Shipping Status" as
a column in the order grid.

Managing Order Statuses

When using this module, your customized order statuses must be managed under Catalog → Manage Order Status.

PS: Due to the way Magento is built, it's not possible to hide the “Order Status” dropdown under “System.” 

Add New Status

To create a new status, select "Add Status" button, define the status name and type (Payment or Shipping).

You can always edit the status categories and the module will update all orders with the updated information.

Default Order Statuses

The module allows you to set default order statuses for the following situations:
  • A new order is created
  • An order is shipped using the “Ship” button
  • An order is held using the “Hold” button
  • An order is cancelled using the “Cancel” button
Use the dropdowns to select the default status for Shipping and Payment, using the new status categories you’ve just created in the last step. 

If you don’t want any changes to be made, or want to make them manually, select “—No Change—“


Since this module has new resources (reports, configuration screens, and dropdowns), you’ll need to update the permissions for each one of your roles, to make sure that they have the appropriate permissions. 
Please navigate to System → Permissions → Roles and for the chosen Role, go to “Role Resources” section. 
The newly-added resources you’ll need to confirm or change are:
  • Sales → Extended Order Status → Change Extended Order Status
  • LucidPath Extended Order Status Module: allows user to add or remove status categories from the 'Catalog' menu
  • Reports → Extended Order Status: allows user to view the Status Report
  • Configuration → Extended Order Status: allows user to Configure the Module
Repeat the process for each of your roles.

Re-assigning order statuses

If you will be re-assigning the order statuses for open orders, now is a good time to do so. 
Refer to the printout or screenshot you created, and open each order in a new tab. Assign the statuses for Payment and Shipping, and hit submit (without notifying the customer).
Reminder: if you prefer not to do this manually, you can request a migration at

Congratulations! You are set and ready to use the module!

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