CM Curated List Manager (CMCLM) - Getting Started

Getting Started

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Adding a new List 

The process of building a list starts by adding a new list.

Adding Categories and Links

Next you can start by adding categories to your list (check the help page about adding categories) and after that links to the categories (check the help page about adding links).

Adding a Shortcode to a Page or Post

Once you added a new list you can continue by placing a shortcode on any page or post with the list name in it.

[cm_list_manager list=LIST_NAME]

While LIST_NAME in this case is the name for the list which was added.

You can also display single category using "category" shortcode parameter and category name.

[cm_list_manager category=CATEGORY_NAME]

The way the plugin works is in the following:

  1. You create a list
  2. You add categories to the list
  3. You start adding links to categories
  4. You use a shortcode to display list or single category on any page or post
  5. You may also add tags and assign them to links

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