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Import and Export

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Example Files

  • Adding links - (Links without slug or with non existing slug will be inserted) Import_Insert.csv
  • Updating links - (Links with existing slug will be updated) Import_Update.csv

The plugin supports the ability to import and export links within categories to a CSV file and also to import links. This can speed up the process of building the links knowledge base.

To use the export or import functionality, visit the Import & Export link in the plugin menu


To import a file, first create the CSV file. The only mandatory columns for the import are category and the URL - the rest of the columns are optional.

  • Obligatory fields:
    • category
    • link-url
  • Optional fields: 
    • link-slug
    • link-name
    • link-subtitle
    • link-description
    • tags

Here is an example of a CSV file containing all the fields:

Since categories are assigned to lists, you don't need to include the list name in the CSV file. If a category is not yet defined it will be added to the list of categories. You need later to manually assign it to a list.

You can also use the export and import functionality to move the plugin knowledge base from one site to the other

Notice that you can ignore the first line of the CSV file and mark it as "header" and as such skip it. This is the option which is available in the import screen


Once exporting the plugin content, the CSV file create will include the category , link-slug , link-name , link-url , link-subtitle , link-description , tags. The list information is not included in the export and once moving the knowledge base from one site to the other you would need to manually create it and assign the categories to the lists.

CSV Files Format - Example of How The Plugin Handles CSV Files

Import and export CSV files have same format.

Example CSV file content ready to import:

Comments on the example CSV file:

  1. In first line (row 1), there is no data you want to import, so during importing this file you should mark skip header checkbox.
  2. Categories (column A) will be created if they don't exist.
  3. Row 2 has a set link-slug - in this case, the link term with slug wordpress will be updated if it exists, and will be created if not.
  4. Link from row 3 without link-slug will be created.
  5. Row 4 will be skipped during import because column C (link-name) is required (you can't create a link without a name).
  6. Tags in column G (tags) are comma separated and created if needed (same as categories).

Additional Examples of Import Files

Here are some example of CSV file structure which should be used with the import functionality

Links without link-name will be skipped during import (this field is required).


Links without slug or with non existing slug will be inserted.


Links with existing slug will be updated.


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