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Route Types

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Navigate to the Admin Dashboard  CM Maps Routes Manager  Route types. In this section, you can add new route types (works as simple taxonomy like categories). For example, specify whether a route is walking, driving, biking, hiking, etc. This can give your site visitors more information about a route.

Adding a new Route type

On the left of the Route type view is a form for adding a new Route type. To add a new route type Create a name, slug and write a description of the route type. Then click the " Add New Route type" button.

Editing a Route type

To edit an existing route type hover over the row of the one you wish to edit and some options will appear. Choose either " Edit" or else "Quick Edit" to edit the route type.

Normal Edit:

Quick Edit:

Notice that you will have to use the Normal Edit mode if you wish to change the description of a Route type, the Quick Edit doesn't allow for this.

Deleting Route types

To delete individual route types either hover over the route type row that you would like to get rid of and click on " Delete". Or to delete more at a time check the box on the left of the row and then choose delete from the "Bulk Actions" dropdown menu, then hit "Apply".


Multiple delete:

You can remove the routes types completely by visiting the taxonomies tab in the plugin setting and deleting it or adjusting the labels associated with it:

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