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Route Difficulty 

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To specify route difficulty, navigate to the Admin Dashboard  CM Maps Routes Manager  Difficulty grades. Here you can add grades specifying the difficulty of trails (this works as a simple taxonomy the same way as categories works). Add a name and description for the difficulty level.

Adding a New Difficult Grade

Admin can add a new difficulty grade using the form on the left of the Difficulty grades view. Enter the Difficulty grade name, slug and description then click on the " Add New Difficulty grade" button below.

Editing Existing Difficulty Grades

The admin can also choose to edit existing Difficulty grades. To do this hover over the Difficulty grade row that you would like to edit and some options will appear. From these either click on " Edit" or "Quick Edit":

Normal Edit:

Quick Edit:

Note that the Description of the Difficulty group cannot be changed through the " Quick Edit" option, for this you must go into the Normal "Edit" view.

Deleting Difficulty grades

Difficulty grades can be deleted by the admin individually or in bulk. 

To delete them individually hover over the row of the chosen Difficulty grade to show the options. Then click on the " Delete" option.

To delete more than one at a time select the checkboxes to the left of the Difficulty grades that you would like to delete, then choose " Delete" from the Bulk Actions drop-down and click Apply.

The route Difficulty grade taxonomy can also be completely removed from the front end of the site in Settings under the Taxonomy tab.

Users can also filter routes by difficulty, making it easier and quicker to find the route they're looking for. 

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