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Viewing a Route

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To view routes in the WordPress Travel Map plugin, navigate to the Admin Dashboard  CM Maps Routes Manager Pro  Routes. Here, you will see a list of your routes with categories and dates published. To view a published route, hover over the route and click View. You will see what your route/trail will look like to site visitors.

Viewing routes - Route Display WordPress
Viewing routes

The Route in the Front-End

The image shows a sample route with every functionality enabled. Each item is explained in-depth below:

Example of the route page - WordPress Plugin Show Route
Example of the route page
  1. Rating - Visitors can rate routes.
  2. General Information - Visitors can see the route author, creation date, category, type, and difficulty.
  3. Route Information - Displays distance, duration, average speed and details about the changes in elevation along the route. Note: the measurement system can be changed between metric and imperial. See Settings - General tab.
  4. Menu - The buttons have different functions: 
    1. Return to the previous screen
    2. Show step-by-step navigation information
    3. Export the route as KML or GPX files. 
    4. The embed button displays a pop-up with HTML code to which can be used to embed the route in other websites.
  5. Interactive Map - Visitors will be able to view the route on a Google map and switch between Satellite view or map view. They can also add Terrain to the map background layer.
  6. Elevation Graph - Includes the option to place a cursor on the graph and show the location on the route itself. It’s also possible to do the inverse – to place the mouse on the route and show the height on the graph.
  7. Travel Mode - Visitors can choose between walking, driving, biking, or a direct route by selecting a travel mode. Below the map are details about the distance, duration, and altitude changes.
  8. Description - General description and images related to the route.
  9. Comment Space - Users can also leave comments on the route and view other people's comments.

Demo routes

You can check the Demo Site and try the plugin in action.

More information about the WordPress Travel Map Plugin

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