Multi-Vendor Marketplace - Creating Supplier Profiles (Admin and Supplier Side)

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Creating Profiles (Supplier Side)

Suppliers can create their own profile pages. Under the   Settings section in the Supplier Panel, you will find the 'My Profile Page' link.

On this page, you can define the data for your profile page.

You can enter such information as  NameDescription and also define if your Profile Page is enabled or not. 

Admin will be notified about new profiles waiting to be approved.

Custom Profile Fields and PayPal Integration

If the admin has created specific custom profile fields, the supplier can fill these out as well. Likewise, if the supplier has the  PayPal integration add-on, the supplier can add his PayPal email here in order to link his account for easy payment.

Creating Profiles (Admin Side)

On the Admin Panel, in the suppliers' grid ( Suppliers → Manage Suppliers), the column 'Profile waiting for approval' provides a quick view of the approval status for each supplier.

When clicking the supplier name, under "Supplier Profile", admins have quick access to supplier profile data. 

They can also add remarks and approve the profile.

Information about the status of the profile will be shown and admin can choose to disapprove it by clicking the 'Disapprove' button.

Showing / Hiding Custom Profile Fields in Supplier Registration Form

The Admin can choose whether or not to show Custom Fields for Suppliers on the registration page. This can be useful if you don't wish for suppliers to be able to fully complete registration through the front end of the website but would rather some registration fields were filled separately, for sensitive information for example. 

To see custom fields for suppliers from the Admin panel navigate to Suppliers Manage Profile Fields. Select the custom field that you would like to show or hide, or create a new field.

Inside the Custom Field Editor, in the Options section, select "Yes" to show the Custom Field or "No" to hide it.

How the Registration Page will appear in the front end of the site for Suppliers with the Custom Field (Phone Number) Hidden and Shown

Restricting Supplier registration prior to filling all required fields in the profile

The Admin can choose to restrict the Supplier's progress in the Registration if they have not or are unable to fill all required fields. To do this starting from the Admin Panel Navigate to: System Configuration Marketplace → Configuration → General. Then Remember to 'Save Config'.

Now when a Supplier completes a new Supplier registration form, but doesn't or is unable to fill required fields, they will see a red notification that their registration will need to go through Admin approval.

To approve a Supplier registration from the Admin Panel go to Suppliers Manage Suppliers. Then find the supplier that hasn't been approved and check the box to the left of the "Supplier ID" number. Next, click on the "Actions" drop-down in the top right and click "Submit".

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