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To find the settings of the WordPress OnBoarding plugin, navigate to Admin Dashboard → CM On-Boarding → Settings.

Navigation to the plugin settings - OnBoarding Plugin WordPress
Navigation to the plugin settings

The settings page has three main settings tabs to choose from: GeneralIcon Settings and Labels. Clicking on one of these three tabs displays the relevant settings.

Searching the Settings

Above the Settings tabs you can find the search bar that will help you to easily find needed option.

Settings search bar - User OnBoarding Tool
Settings search bar

Toggling the Settings

You can toggle each section with the settings by clicking on it's heading, or you can toggle all of them at once by clicking Toggle All.

Toggling the settings - WordPress Walkthrough Plugin
Toggling the settings

Settings - General

Base Options

The Base Options are the default behaviours for Help Items widgets. They are overridden by the individual settings configured for each Help item. They help guide the behaviour of new Help items being created assisting the Admin in maintaining some uniformity between different help Item widgets on the site.

Base options - Walkthrough WordPress Plugin
Base options
  • Select the custom post types - Custom post types available to apply while making Help items.
  • Select the side the widget appears on - Determines the alignment of the widget on the screen. Choose between Right and Left.
  • Select the widget type - Sets the default widget type, type set in individual widget settings takes precedence. Choose between:
    • Accordion
    • Select
    • Side 
    • Slider
    • Floating Accordion
    • Floating Select
    • Floating Side
    • Floating Slider
  • Select the widget theme - Choose between the White and Black themes.
  • Show "Search" in the widget - Toggles the search box in the widget on or off.
  • Show Help Item's title in the widget - Toggles help items titles on or off.
  • Hide On-boarding tabs with customizer - Choose On to hide tabs when using the theme customizer.
  • On-boarding scripts load in footer - If enabled, then On-boarding scripts will load in footer. Note: this option was introduced in version 1.4.6.
  • Allow to dismiss the widget - If enabled, your site visitors can disable displaying widget by clicking on the Trash icon. The admin is able to turn on the widget for registered users again manually in the back-end. Note: this option was introduced in version 1.4.9.

    Dismissing the widget on the front-end - WordPress On Screen Walkthrough Plugin
    Dismissing the widget on the front-end
  • Icon for dismiss button - Specify the dashicon for dismissing the widget. By default, it's a trash icon "dashicons-trash", and you can choose any other WordPress dashicon. Learn more about Wordpress Dashicons. Note: this option was introduced in version 1.4.9.
  • Days without widget - As the admin can not turn on disabled widgets again for guest users manually, there's a possibility to show widgets to them again after passing some time. This option allows to specify the amount of days after which the dissmissed widget will be displayed to guest users again. Note: this option was introduced in version 1.4.9.

    Learn more about dissmissing the widget: Allow Users to Disable the Widget

Appearance Options

The Appearance Options are the default appearance settings for Help Items widgets. Like the Base options they are overridden by the appearance options set for Help Items widgets at the individual level and assist in maintaining uniformity in the appearance of the widgets across the site.

Appearance options - Website Walkthrough WordPress Plugin
Appearance options
  • Font - You can specify a font name you would like to use on the widget. By default, no value is set and the plugin will follow the theme's font.
  • Search bar font size - Applies to the search bar only.
  • Custom widget background color - Allows a custom colour to be set for the widget background. Can be chosen using the color picker or a hexadecimal colour code.
  • Custom widget text color - Set a custom color for the text in the widget. The Color picker or hexadecimal color codes can be used to set the color.
  • Select the width of the widget - Sets the width of the widget in pixels.
  • Select the height of the widget - Sets the height of the widget in pixels.

Don't forget to click Save Changes after changing the settings.

Saving the changes - Website Guided Tour Plugin
Saving the changes

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