WordPress OnBoarding Plugin (CMOB) - Controlling the Widget on the Post Level

OnBoarding Metabox

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When using the WordPress OnBoarding plugin, on each post you will find a metabox allowing you to override the default values regarding the On-Boarding Widget for this specific post. 

The Help Item that is currently pinned to the post appears as a link. Clicking this link redirects to the edit page for the post.

In the Post editor on the righthand menu On-Boarding widgets can be hidden or altered.

  • To Hide the On-Boarding widget from the post check the box beside "Display Help Item?"
  • To change the type of the widget for this particular post open up the drop down menu below "Choose Widget Type" and select an option from the choices.
OnBoarding widget metabox - OnBoarding Plugin WordPress
OnBoarding widget metabox

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