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Help Item templates can be created to be used across multiple widgets. Upon updating a template any Widgets that it is being used at the time are automatically updated too.

It is useful when there are Help Items that repeat across multiple Widgets that may need to be used again and again and maintained over time, as the template can be updated once and the effects seen across every widget it has been used in.

To manage templates in the WordPress OnBoarding plugin, navigate to Admin Dashboard → CM On-Boarding → Templates.

Dashboard for managing help item templates - OnBoarding Plugin WordPress
Dashboard for managing help item templates

The list displays all the templates that have been previously created. 

Hovering over a template row will reveal the options to Edit, Quick Edit and Trash the template.

Templates can be sorted according the Title or Date and can be filtered according to date.

Adding a New Template

To add a new template either click on 'Add new Help Item Template' at the top of the Templates page, or else click on the 'Add New Template' menu item to the left of the WordPress dashboard.

Adding new help item template - User OnBoarding Tool
Adding new help item template

The Add New Help Item Template page will open. This is a simplified version of the editor for WordPress Posts or pages.

Give the template a title and some content. Just as with any Help Item this content can be text, images, videos, contact forms, short codes etc.

After entering the template title and content remember to either save it as a draft or publish it for future use.

Creating new help item template - WordPress Walkthrough Plugin
Creating new help item template

Editing an Existing Template

From the WordPress dashboard navigate to CM On-Boarding  Templates.

Hover over the chosen Template to reveal the hidden options. Then choose either 'Quick Edit' or 'Edit'.

Editing help item templates - Walkthrough WordPress Plugin
Editing help item templates

Quick Edit

Choosing quick edit will open up the quick edit options for the chosen template. The Title, URL slug and Publish Status can all be changed here. The Content however can only be altered through the normal Edit screen.

Quick editing of the help item template - WordPress On Screen Walkthrough Plugin
Quick editing of the help item template


By either clicking on "Edit" from the options that are revealed while hovering over the template row or by clicking on the template title will redirect to the editor page for the template.

The process of editing a template is much the same as that of creating a new template aside from the title and content fields already containing the current information.

Editing the help item template - Website Walkthrough WordPress Plugin
Editing the help item template

Using Templates

The title contents of a Help Item can be filled with those of a template.

While either Adding a new Help Item or editing an existing one go to the bottom of the help item section. There click on '-  Choose the template - ' to display the template choices in the drop down. Select the desired template and click 'Apply template'.

Using the template - Website Guided Tour Plugin
Using the template

If you want to replace the template and make changes to the content do not check the "link to the template" checkbox. If you want only to update the content of the item once in the template section check this option.

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