CM Search and Replace (CMSR) - Using the Plugin

Using the Plugin

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  • On the WordPress Dashboard, locate the plugin on the sidebar.

  • Hover over the plugin and a new sidebar with appear with options for the plugin.

  • Click on the Settings button to make changes to the plugin. 
  • Cleanup database - allows you to remove all of the data stored by the CM On Demand Search And Replace in the database. The information cannot be reverted.

  • You will see three tabs labeled Replacement Rules, Settings, and Server Information.

How the Plugin Works

The plugin matches the replacements rules defined in the plugin settings against the content just before it is being displayed. Saying this it means that the changes are not being done on the database and are only shown once the plugin is working and the specific replacement rule is active.

The plugin is using the content filters. In case they are not activated on a specific post or page or part of it the search and replace rules will not work.

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