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Saving Changes to the Database

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What is This Feature

The main functionality of the plugin is making replacements on the fly, without changing them to the database.

However, it's possible to commit replacement rules to the database. There are two ways.

  1. Saving Changes in Specific Pages
  2. Saving Changes Across Entire Site

1) Saving Changes in Specific Pages

You can enable a button on each page - it's visible only to the admin. Clicking on it will save changes permanently to the database. 



The button will appear on each post or page, so the changes will apply to the current content only.

Enabling Button

Head to Admin Dashboard → Search & Replace → Settings → Replacement Widget tab.

  1. Make sure Display Widget for is set to Show to admin only.
  2. The option Only admin can save changes to database will appear. Enable it.
  3. Make sure you set it to appear on the top and/or the bottom of each post
  4. Click the button Save Changes at the bottom of the page.

Now, the button will appear when the replacement rules are applied.

2) Saving Changes Across Entire Site

When creating or editing a rule, you will see the button Implement in DB

Click on it to perform that rule across the whole site.


TIP: Confirmation

For safety, the plugin will ask if you are sure before committing the change.

3) Viewing the List of Related Pages

Note: This feature was introduced in version 1.4.8.

It is possible to check the full list of posts and pages where the rule From String was found. To do this, click the button View Related Posts for the relevant rule.


As a result, you will see the clickable list of all posts and pages and two buttons -  Insert into Include and Insert into Exclude. For example, you can mark the pages where you want to implement the changes and add them to the inclusion list. You can also use a search bar in the appearing pop-up to filter related posts. After that you can click Implement in DB to commit permanent changes in the database.

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