CM Registration (CMREG) - Invitation Codes - Reviewing, Managing and Exporting Codes

Exporting Data With CM Registration

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This guide will explain how to manage codes after they are.created by CM Registration and Invitation Codes

Everything is done from to Admin Dashboard → CM Registration Pro → Invitation Codes

Managing Codes

This page has a lot of useful features. Let's go over one by one.

  1. Search invitation codes - Filter by the code names (not by the codes themselves)
  2. Filter by date - Filter by when users used the code. Does not affect the export options
  3. Export all registered user codes - Exports all used codes and their information as a CSV file. Read more: Extra - Exporting Data To CSV Files
  4. Bulk Actions - Easily delete selected codes
  5. Filter by date - Filter by creation date
  6. Export all codes - Exports all codes (just the codes) as a CSV file. Read more: Extra - Exporting Data To CSV Files
  7. Delete all codes - Deletes ALL codes, not only the filtered ones. You are asked to confirm. This action is can't be undone. 

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