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Elementor Page and Other Themes Troubleshooting

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The WordPress Pay Per Post plugin will not work or will require special settings when used together with themes that don't implement the "the_content" hook/filter. They are a minority.

So far, this has been reported in the Elementor Page Builder and some other themes.

the_content | Hook | WordPress Developer Resources

Elementor Fix 

To block a page that uses the Elementor page builder, it's necessary to both:

  1. Assign the post to a price (see How To - Assign a Post to a Price/Subscription (Video).
  2. Use the [cmppp_restricted] shortcode to block the relevant part of the content. Learn more: How To - Restrict Sections Of The Content (Shortcode)

Doing only one of the procedures will cause problems such as triggering the The Content Area Was Not Found in Your Page error. Learn more: The Content Area Was Not Found in Your Page - Docs | Elementor

Other Themes Fix

It's necessary to place the "the_content" hook/filter in the theme templates. 

This is an advanced procedure that should be handled preferably by your theme designer.

Adding the_content Snippet





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