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Video Overview

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Our  Advanced Newsletter Subscription Extension for Magento® is a marketing tool that allows you to collect valuable analytics about newsletter subscribers, such as browser language, date of subscription, page of subscription, and more.

The data collected can then be sorted and filtered using various parameters, giving valuable insights into your overall marketing strategy and performance.

Advanced Newsletter Subscription Extension features:

  • Newsletter Referral Source: Save information about the sources of pages from which the customer has subscribed.
  • Date of First Order: Save the date of each customer’s first order and sort records according to a customer’s email address.
  • Date of Subscription: Save the date on when the customer subscribed.
  • Date Filtering: Filter and sort data by date of subscription.
  • First Order Filtering: Filter and sort data by first order date.
  • Page Source Filtering: Filter and sort data by page source.
  • Subscriber Analytics: Understand which pages or marketing campaigns convert newsletter subscribers.
  • Customer Insight: Understand customer segments and be able to target them accordingly.
  • Subscriber Management: Better manage your newsletter’s subscriber list.

The following video provides an overview of the Advanced Newsletter Subscription Extension.

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