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Once the extension is installed, you can visit  System → Configuration → Customers → Advanced Newsletter Configuration in the Admin Panel to see the main configuration options.


  • Module enabled: determines if module is enabled or not.
  • Default is enabled. If the Module is disabled, then rest of the options are hidden.
  • Order date: this option allows you to save the date of the subscriber's first order. The order date will show only if the customer has already placed an order and is registered for the newsletter.
  • Default is disabled. If the configuration is changed to enabled, all orders in the database will be scanned and matched with the subscribers of the newsletter  in order to add this information.
  • Source: this option allows you to save the location of the page (exact url) where the customer has registered to your newsletter. For example, if the customer registered from a footer form on a specific product page, it will save that specific product page url.
  • Default is enabled.
  • Registration date: this option allows you to save the date of when the customer registered for your newsletter.
  • Default is enabled.

Finally, remember to save the Configuration!

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