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404 Console - Use Case - How to Improve Your Users 404 Experience

This guide introduces the 404 Console plugin and its features.


Note that the plugin only monitors access when it's active and from the moment it was installed.


The 404 Console plugin helps tracking and fixing WordPress 404 errors.

1) Advanced Rules

It boasts three overall improvements

  • Redirect -  Whenever a user reaches a certain page, he will be redirected to an internal URL of your choice. Note that this might conflict with other plugin that handles redirects.
    Learn more: Redirect
  • Automatically Ban Based on URL  - Whenever a user reaches a certain URL, his IP will be banned. 
    Learn more: Auto-Ban
  • Auto Suggest - List URLs with 404 errors and automatically add HTML content to them
    Learn more: Suggest

2) Logs

It also includes a series of useful logs:

  • IPs Log - Lists all IPs and show which pages they accessed, how many times, and if they are banned.
    Learn more: IPs Log
  • URLs Log - Lists all URLs that generated 404 errors, with extra information.
    Learn more: URLs Log
  • Volume Graph - Displays a graph counting every 404 error by day in a specified period.
    Learn more: Volume Graph

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