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URLs Log

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What is This Feature

The URLs Log is a table showing all URLs that were accessed and generated a 404 error. 

For each, you can see

  • IP - count of unique IPs that accessed the URL. Hover the mouse over the icon to see the list
  • Referral URL - Which URL the users came from
  • Redirect URL - Where they were redirected to, if applicable.
    Manage them from the dashboard
  • Suggestion List - Associated suggestion list, if applicable.
    Manage them from the dashboard
  • Autobanned - This shortcut allows you to automatically ban the IPs that reach the 404 URL.
    Manage them from the dashboard
  • Reviewed - Checkbox for internal use only. You can mark which pages you have already worked on
  • Count - Number of attempts to access the URL. Includes duplicates 
  • Date - When the last user tried accessing the URL 

You can filter the list by

  • Date
  • URL
  • Has redirects or not
  • Has suggestions or not
  • Was reviewed or not

Accessing Feature

Head to Admin Dashboard → CM 404 Console Tools → URLs.

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