404 Improvement Console - Settings (Enable/Disable Rules, Ban Configuration)


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What You Can Do

From the plugin's settings, you can easily enable/disable rule types and choose if the plugin considers letter case (lower and upper case) or not.

Accessing Settings

Head to Admin Dashboard → CM 404 Console → Settings


  • Feature Control - Enable or disable all rules of each type. Note that disabling the rules does not delete them.
  • Redirect Settings (Managed from the dashboard)
    • Enable upper case / lower case in redirect rules - Choose if the plugin should take letter case into account (for instance, "A" and "a"). The default setting is no.
  • Suggestions Settings (Managed from the dashboard)
    • Suggestions label - Label for the section displaying the suggestions.
  • Banning Settings (Managed from the dashboard)
    • Whitelisted IP - List IPs that should not get on the banned list (separate them with commas).
    • Active Ban - Check all requests and block access from banned IPs.
    • Banned Message - The message that will be displayed to banned users when they try to access the content.

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