Special Promotions (M2) - How To Add Promotion Rules

How To Add Promotion Rules

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You can create promotion rules heading to Marketing → Cart Price Rules. There you will find a default Magento 2 list with existing promotions. The extension improves this functionality and allows adding more promotions rules and various actions. Click on the Add New Rule button above the grid to create a new promo rule.


Open the Actions tab control. In this tab, you will need to define to which products discount will be applied.

The following configuration is common for all the actions:

  • Discount Amount - specify the discount amount of the fixed price which is subtracted from the order totals after the promotion rule is applied.
  • Maximum Qty Discount is Applied To - configure the maximum number of products to which the discount will be applied to. If you need to apply a discount on each third item in the cart, enter “3”. So the discount will be applied only twice even if a customer has 6 or more products in the cart. 
  • Discount Qty Step (Buy X) - configure when the discount should be repeated. For example, if you set "3", the discount will be applied to every third product in the cart: 3, 6, 9, etc.
  • Apply to Shipping Amount - switch to Yes if you want the discount to be applied to the sum of the Subtotal + the Shipping Rate.
  • Discard subsequent rules - activate this setting to keep the rules with lower priority when the rule with this setting is activated.

  • Max Amount of Discount - sets the maximum discount amount that can be used for one promo rule.
  • Calculate Discount Based On - this setting manages how the discount value is calculated:
  1. Price (Special Price is Set) - the calculation will be based on
    • the price configured by any of the applied cart price rules
    • the special price set in the product configuration
  2. Price After Previous Discount - the calculation will be based on the price configured after the previous discount is applied.
  3. Original Price - the calculation will be based on the price before any changes are applied.
  • Skip Items with Special Price - when this option is activated or set as Yes, the rule will be applied to all products in the cart except the items with the Special Price. If you set No, the extension will apply the rule to all products in the cart including items with special prices.

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