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Provide Order Approval

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There are three methods to approve orders:

  • Using E-mail Notifications 
  • Using the Master's settings
  • Using the Slack Integration

Approve Orders via E-mail Notifications

If Request Order Approval was sent, the Master Account will receive an email notification with all products in the Sub User's cart and link to cart view.

Approve Orders via Master's Settings

The second way is to access Orders Waiting for Approval link on the left side menu and then click Approve.

Approve Orders via Slack Integration

The third way includes adding Slack credentials and getting notifications of order approval to the Slack account directly.

After the sub-user asks for approval, the master will get notifications to the integrated Slack account:

The user can view the cart, approve or reject the order. To view the items in the shopping cart, the user should click the View Cart link. This is how the products look for approval on the Frontend:

To approve the order, the user should click the link Approve Order in the notification. The user can also reject the orders by clicking on the link Reject Order

Placing the order

After approval, the Sub User will receive an email notification to place the order. 

The Sub User can also place the order by accessing the cart and clicking Proceed to Checkout.

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