Mulit User Accounts Slack - Slack Credentials for Parent Accounts


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Parent accounts can set the credentials and configure the Slack settings following My Account → Slack Configuration → Manage Slack Configuration

NOTE! Please note that the ability to add credentials will be available after the admin activates the Slack Integration.

Once the parent account activates the Slack Integration, the user can fill in the following settings:

  • Slack Room (Channel) - allows specifying the Slack Channel, for example, approveorders.
  • Slack Url - adds a default Slack Url to send notifications. Please create a Slack App and activate Incoming Webhooks from the settings page to get your Slack Url. You can find more information about incoming webhooks here.
  • After saving the configuration, to activate the notifications, the parent account should click the checkbox Send Me Slack Notification on Order Approve Request

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