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Offering Multiple Pricing Options

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TIP: What Are Shortcodes

Shortcodes add dynamic content to your site via a small piece of code.

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Starting from version 2.03, it's possible to offer different subscription options. This guide covers how to display them on the Front-End.

To learn how to set them up, check the guide Registration Payments - Payments Settings (Payment Provider, Tiers, Payment Reminders).

What You Can Achieve

You can offer different packages, each with its price.

1) Displaying The Package Table

Use the  [cmreg-packages] shortcode on any post/page to display all payment options. Example:

This shortcode fetches data from the products, such as title and description. The colors come from the plugin's settings.

2) Displaying on the Registration Form

The packages options will be displayed automatically on the Registration Form, under "Membership Plan".

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