Advanced Product Attachments (M2) - How To - Add Attachment and Show it on Product Pages

How to Add Attachments

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To add new attachments, click the Add New Attachment button above the list following Catalog → Advanced Product Attachments → Attachment Management

Adding Attachment

  • Is Active - regulate the file visibility. Enable the option to make the file available on the Frontend.
  • Internal Name - Used only on the Backend.
  • Frontend Label - Shown to the site visitors on the Frontend.
  • Attachment File - Click the Upload button and pick up the file locally. 
  • Icon - Learn How To Add New Icon.
  • Customer Groups - select customer groups the file should be available for. 
  • Include In Order - if you want to show the attachment in orders, enable the option. 
  • Is available for emails - Show it on emails or not.
    Only applies if the Order email option is enabled (check Product Attachments (M2) - Configuration

Showing On The Front-End

Attach to One or More Categories

To display the attachment in all product pages of a certain category, go to the Categories field. Select the relevant categories in the category tree.

Attach To Specific Products

The Assign to Products allow you to show the attachment on specific product's page.

Then press the Save Attachment button to finish the new attachment adding.

You Can Assign to Category AND Products

It's possible to combine both rules. For example.

  • Show Update Warranty.pdf on all bags product page
  • Show Update Warranty.pdf on the Watch Rolex 15 product page

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