Product Attachments (M2) - How To - Add New Attachment

How to Add Attachments

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To add new attachments, click the Add New Attachment button above the list following Catalog → Product Attachments → Attachment Management

File Info Fields

  • File - to add a file, click the Upload button and pick up the file locally. 
  • Attachment Name - after uploading the file, the field Attachment Name is filled in automatically along with its Type.
  • Label - enter the label for your attachment. The title will be visible for the customers. 
  • Customer Groups - select customer groups the file should be available for. 
  • Is Visible - regulate the file visibility. Enable the option to make the file available on the Frontend.
  • Include In Order - if you want to show the attachment in orders, enable the option.

Attach To

Here you can attach new files to any category and product.

In the Categories field select necessary categories in the appeared category tree. You can select multiple categories at once.

In the Product section click on the button Add To Products and select items in the appeared list. Click Add To Selected Products to add items to the file.

Then press the Save Attachment button to finish the new attachment adding.

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