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How to Add Attachments Via Widgets

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The Advanced Product Attachments extension allows adding attachments literally anywhere by using widgets. Let's add attachments to a default Magento CMS page. Navigate to CONTENT → Elements → Pages → {select any page}. Then open the section Content and Insert Widget...

In the Widget Type select Attachments List Block. After selecting the block, the following options will be available:

Storefront Properties

These are the standard Magento widget options.

  • Widget Title - Title displayed on the Front-End
  • Assign to Store Views - Which store views can see it
  • Sort Order - From top to bottom, the priority of its placement in the same container (a lower number means higher priority)

Layout Updates

This area is managed by the extension.

  1. Where the block will be displayed -  Examples:
    Display on catalog category pages - Choose Anchor Categories
    Display on a specific page - Choose Specified Page
  2. Which categories will show the block - all or specific ones
  3. The container in which the block will be shown

Highlighted Example

Attachment in a category page

Attachment in a Product Page

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