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PayPal Payout Payments

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By using the module, it's possible to update requested vendors payments in a separate section . The payout payments will be available for tracking and managing if the admin Creates PayPal Payment by navigating to SUPPLIERS → Billing Report → Create PayPal Payment.

After the payment is initiated, the add-on creates the list of payments on the Payout Payments grid with information about payments.

As we mentioned above, the admin can perform the manual status update, or it can be updated automatically by cron every 20 minutes. In case if the payment is canceled by any reason or cannot be processed, the add-on declines the payment and adds the ability to recreate payment for the same order.
After creating the payment navigate to SUPPLIERS → Suppliers → Suppliers Paypal Payout Payments. Here you will find the payments with the following columns:

  • ID - payment ID.
  • Supplier ID - shows supplier ID.
  • Payout Batch ID - displays payout batch ID.
  • Status - shows payment status. Once the payment is completed, the Success message will be shown.
  • Recepient Email - displays recepient email.
  • Payment Date - shows when the payment has been made.
  • Amount - shows the total amount of order.
  • Order ID - shows order ID.
  • Marketplace Payment ID - displays marketplace payment ID.
  • Action - to update the payment status, click the link Update. After updating the payment with the Pending status is changed to the payment with the Success status.Or the status can be updated automatically by cron every 20 minutes.

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