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Editing Your Calendar

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Users can edit their own calendar extensively. This is done from pages prepared by the admin.

Calendar Schedule

When managing the schedule, you can choose regular available time slots, as well as exceptional days on and days off.


Learn more: Appointments Booking - Calendars - Calendar Availability

Calendar Settings

These are the configurations:

  • Calendar permalink - This link is where you can find your calendar
  • Term name - Change this if you want to use another term for "Calendar"
  • Notification email - Who will receive a notification about bookings
  • Events duration - How long the events last for
  • Minimum time before booking (in hours) - Bookings will only be available after the set amount of hours. For example, if it is set to 24, the user can only book one day after the current time. This affects the calendar.
  • Maximum time before booking (in hours) - Bookings will only be available before the set amount of hours. For example, if it is set to 24, the user can only book within the next 24 hours. This affects the calendar (learn more)
    • Example - the following calendar has the following settings:
      • Minimum time before booking (in hours) - 2
      • Maximum time before booking (in hours) - 3
  • Ignore DST - Choose to take DST(Daylight Saving Time) in account or not
  • Success booking message - This message will be displayed when the booking process is successful
  • Booking Spots - How many spots each booking will have
  • Automatic booking - You should also decide if the calendar accepts booking automatically or requires moderation and approval for each booking
  • Who is allowed to see the calendar - Choose between:
    • Everyone
    • Only logged in users
    • Only selected roles - choosing this will allow to choose the roles
  • Hide timezone dropdown - Display or not the dropdown that allows visitors to select a different timezone

If You Don't Have a Calendar

If you see a message such as this instead of a calendar, your calendar was not generated. Contact the admin.


To learn about editing a calendar from the Back-End (for users with the relevant permissions), check the relevant guides from the main plugin:

More information about the User Booking Calendar WordPress Add-on

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