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Product Settings

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If you want to set the configuration for adding products to your catalog, visit the  Products Settings section under configuration.


  • Attributes set: Determines what set of the attributes will be used in 'Adding Product F orm' Default  is supplierfrontendproductuploader_product_attributes.
  • Default product tax class: Determines default tax class for products added by suppliers.
  • Allow suppliers to enter product SKU: This option allows suppliers to define the SKU of the  suppliers  product.
  • Current auto increment SKU number: If  suppliers  can’t define a SKU, this option will define auto increment value of the product. The number showed in this field is the last SKU used for a product.  Default  is 10001.
  • Maximum allowed images per product: Determines how many images can be added per product by each supplier.
  • Allow to create virtual products: Determines if suppliers can create a virtual product.
  • Allow to create downloadable products: Determines if suppliers can create downloadable products.
  • Allow suppliers to delete their products: Determines if suppliers can delete products.

Downloadable Product Settings

In this section the admin may choose the extension type allowed for downloadable products files and their maximal size.

Finally, remember to  Save the Configuration!

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