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Manage Catalog Permissions

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You can create and manage the restrictions from one place CATALOG → Catalog → Catalog Permissions. All the restrictions are organized in the list with the following columns:

ID - shows the restriction ID.

Restriction for - displays a target audience the restriction is applied for. There are two types of audiences: Group and Customer. If you restrict categories or products for specific customer groups, for example NOT LOGGED IN, the extension will display Group in the list. If you restrict categories or products for selected customers, the extension will show Customer.

Type for restriction - shows what type of restriction has been applied. You can change the title for each restriction in the General Settings.

Identifier (Customer or Group ID) - shows the customer or group ID the restriction has been applied to. 

Status - if the restriction is active, the Enabled status will be shown. If the restriction is inactive, the Disabled status will be displayed.

Action - using the Edit link you can make changes in each restriction.  

Click the Save button to save the changes.

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