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Auto Related Product Rules

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The Automatic Related Products extension for Magento 2 generates and shows related products, up-sells and cross-sells automatically on the Frontend based on the set rules. The rules will allow you to select customer groups and store views the products will be available for, choose the block's position on the Frontend, set conditions and more.

The List of Auto Related Product Rules

You can find the list of all the Auto Related Product Rules in the separate tab CMINDS AUTO RELATED PRODUCT RULES on the Admin panel.

Here you can find the list of all the created rules or create your own rules. The extension allows filtering information by rule ID, store view, name, position, priority, and status by using Filters. You can also show or hide the columns in the list by ticking the boxes in the Columns setting. 

To apply the mass actions to multiple rules in bulk, choose the rules in the list, and in the Actions dropdown select one of the following actions:

  • Delete Rules - removes the chosen rules from the list.
  • Enable - sets the Active status to the chosen rules and makes them available for the users on the Frontend.
  • Disable - sets the Inactive status to the chosen rules and makes them unavailable for the users on the Frontend.
  • Duplicate - creates copies of the chosen rules and sets the Inactive status for each copy. To enable the copy, make all the necessary changes within the rule and set the Active status.

The table has the following columns:

  • ID - the rule ID.
  • Name - the title of the rule.
  • Store View - shows the store view where the rules are available for.
  • Rule Type - shows the type of rule. 
  • Position - displays the rule's position on the page on the Frontend.
  • Priority - shows the rule's priority.
  • Status - the rule's status.
  • Action - allows removing the rule by clicking the Delete link in the dropdown, or opening the rule for editing by using the button Edit

To create a new rule, click the button New Rule above the list. Find out more information about How to Add a New Rule in our guide.

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