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What is This Feature

When a user attempts to log in, he/she receives a code or link depending on the plugin settings

WordPress Two Factor Authentication allows you to send an email to another user informing about the login attempt. This can be useful to monitor which users are trying to log in and how.


To access this item, follow the path Admin Dashboard → CM Secure Login Pro → Notifications tab.

Notifications settings - 2 Factor Authentication for WordPress
Notifications settings
  • Send auth code to additional email - You can send the code or link to an additional email address.
  • Email address to send the notification - This setting will only have effect if the previous is set to Yes.
  • Enable for chosen roles - Define which roles will trigger the additional email
  • Email template - Customize the subject and body template of the email. Both fields accept shortcodes.

More information about the WordPress Two Factor Authentication plugin

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