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Confirmation Settings: Lets you limit the frequency of text messages, so as not to disturb users. The field accepts values in minutes, so, by inserting 2, for example, users will receive a maximum of one message every 2 minutes. Inserting different characters, like "4.2" or alphabetic characters, will result in an error. Entering "0" or a negative value will cause the SMS to fail to send. 

Amazon Web Service API: Here, you must insert the Amazon SNS API Key and secret. Amazon has a guide on how to obtain these.

Message: These fields allow you to customize the SMS the users will receive: both the sender name and the message itself can be personalised. The shortcode [code] is essential, as it will contain the verification key the user will have to input to sign in.

Tip: Writing a shortcode between brackets returns its value inside them. For instance, if the blog name is "Writing 101", inserting [[blogname]] will return [Writing 101].

Email Template: You can edit the template for the message the user will receive when he/she tries to login without having registered a telephone number. There are two fields: subject and the message body.

You can learn more about the other methods by reading   this guide.

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