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If the WordPress Two Factor Authentication plugin is not functioning as expected, this troubleshooting guide should help to tackle the most commonly found problems.

I can't install the plugin

Please head to the Installation guide.

I'm having problems with the license

For information on retrieving or renewing your license, please refer to our video guide.

I don't know which protection method to choose

This choice depends on many factors, such as desired level of security, size of the group, complexity of roles etc. Refer to our guide on the protection methods to learn more about each.

The protection is not set to the appropriate users 

Misconfiguration of the Login settings may cause the extra security to be applied to some, none, or even all users, so make sure the right roles are assigned. You can configure this through the path Settings → General → Login → Require chosen protection method for all users and Require chosen protection method for chosen roles, as shown below:

Enabling 2FA protection for specific user roles - WordPress Two Step Authentication
Enabling 2FA protection for specific user roles

My users are complaining about being notified too often / too rarely

The admin can send emails to notify users about any changes to the protection methods. This is useful, but can be bothersome or confusing if misused.

You can filter the recipients of the email before sending it, by combining some options. The following selection ensures that only users affected by the update will receive the message:

Choosing who will be notified - WordPress Enable 2FA
Choosing who will be notified

In the case of the SMS method, it's also possible to limit the number of messages with the unique code users may receive. This setting can be found in the path CM Secure Login Pro → SMS → Confirmation Settings, as shown below:

SMS settings tab - How to Enable 2FA On WordPress
SMS settings tab

My users are not receiving any email notifications at all

Please refer to our guide on  How to debug mailing issues when you don't receive any emails from the plugin.

I experienced a critical error and can't login to the admin account

If the issue was indeed caused by the plugin, it's necessary to deactivate it.
If you don't have direct access to WordPress, you can login to it by FTP and rename the plugin's folder name: wp-content/plugins/cm-secure-login-pro. Wordpress will automatically disable the plugin.

The plugin keeps slowing down the site / crashing the server

The Email Link method enhances security by periodically checking if the users logged in from legitimate links. This feature demands constant communication with the server, so it may have an impact on its performance if misconfigured. You can change the frequency of the checks in the Settings → Email Link → Confirmation Settings.

Problems with accessing pages

If there are some problems with accessing pages after changing the settings of the plugin (for example "404 error"), you can clear cache. To do this navigate to Admin Dashboard → CM Secure Login Pro → Settings. At the bottom of the page on the right side there is a button labelled Clear cache - click on it.

Clearing cache - WordPress 2FA
Clearing cache

Compatibility with WordPress 5.4.0 or greater

The WordPress Two Factor Authentication plugin compatible with WordPress 5.4.0 or greater because in this plugin we used those hooks/filters that WordPress introduce in 5.4.0

SMS messages are not sent

If you have just started working with Amazon SNS API for sending SMS messages, and they are not sent, your AWS account can be in the SMS sandbox. This is s safe environment for testing. You need to get your account out of the SMS sandbox. Learn more about how to do this in AWS Documentation.

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