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Authentication Methods

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To enable Email code verification in the WordPress Two Factor Authentication plugin, navigate to Admin Dashboard → CM Secure Login Pro Email Link tab.

Confirmation settings (value in seconds): After the user logins with the unique link, the server continually checks for confirmation, to evaluate if the user came from a legitimate source. Here you can set the the interval of that check in seconds. Be careful, as this setting that may affect server performance - a lower value might overload it, depending of its capability.

Confirmation option - WP 2FA Plugin
Confirmation option

Email template: The fields accept RTF, HTML editing and shortcodes. The shortcode [link] should never be left out of the template, as it will show the link the user will need when signing in.

Email template - WordPress Login SMS Verification
Email template

An important note about [link] is that it generates a URL. As such, it must be placed in the text as a hyperlink. Two examples:

  • With the visual editor:

    Adding link using Visual editor - 2 Factor Authentication for WordPress
    Adding link using Visual editor
  • With HTML:

    Using link using Text editor - WordPress Two Step Authentication
    Using link using Text editor

Confirmation page

URL for the back link: The user will be directed to this link after clicking the confirmation email. If the field is left blank, the user will be directed to the wp-admin.

Enable auto redirect to backlink - Redirects the user to the backlink if the login is successful

Confirmation page settings - WordPress Enable 2FA
Confirmation page settings

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