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Displaying Content Before And After Every Term

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Starting from version 3.7.6, it's possible to display content before and/or after every term pages and tooltips. This content can include shortcodes and HTML tags.

How To Add This Content

Follow the path Admin Panel → CM Tooltip Pro (1) → Settings (2).

Then, choose between: 

  • Glossary Term - Affects the term page.
  • Tooltip - Affects the tooltip.

In both cases, you will be able to add Content to be displayed before (4) and Content to be displayed after (5).

Front-End Examples

Term page

The image below highlights an example of header content (before the term definition) and footer (after). 

They will be applied to all terms pages.


The same header can be seen below, inside a tooltip.

Note that the footer is also present, but the image is not shown.

More information about the CM Tooltip Glossary WordPress Plugin

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